Alternative Charge Procedure

One of the most complex parts of the Johnny Reb III is the CHARGE procedure. It is essentially a "mini" turn within the turn. In the standard rules, there is a dice roll to determine who wins and who loses the Impact in charge, which is subsequently followed up by another roll to see how severely the loss effects the loser. Long time Johnny Reb player, P.J. O'Neil developed a streamlined version of this step in the charge procedure. Instead of two dice rolls, it is reduced to one that determines both the winner and loser of the impact and delivers severity of the loss to the loser of impact. This alternative procedure has become quite popular with the player community which is why it is presented here on the web site.

Result Difference in Dice Roll Effect
Defender Wins By 12+ Attacker Pickup
Defender Wins By 10,11 Attacker Routes (Loses 2 stands)
Defender Wins By 8,9 Attacker Routes (Loses 1 stand)
Defender Wins By 6,7 Attacker Routes
Defender Wins By 5 Att. retreats 1D6 Shaken/Disordered
Defender Wins By 3,4 Att. retreats 2D6 Shaken/Disordered
Defender Wins By 2 Att. retreats 1D6 Disordered (Loses 1 figure)
Defender Wins By 1 Att. retreats 2D6 Disordered (Loses 1 figure)
TIE 0 Melee
Attacker Wins by 1 Charge Stops Def. retreats 1D6 Disordered (Loses 2 figures)
Attacker Wins by 2 Charge 1/2 Remain Def ret 2D6 Disordered (Loses 2 figures)
Attacker Wins by 3,4 Charge Full Def ret 2D6 Shaken/Disordered (Loses 1 figure)
Attacker Wins by 5 Defender retreats 1D6 Shaken/Disordered (Loses 1 figure)
Attacker Wins by 6,7 Defender Routes
Attacker Wins by 8,9 Defender Routes (Loses 1 stand)
Attacker Wins by 10,11 Defender Routes (Loses 2 stands)
Attacker Wins by 12 + Defender Pickup

The loss of figures and stands in this alternative resolution method substitutes for the "end of charge volley" in the standard procedure (aka further streamliniing).

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